department of agriculture, puducherry

Vision and Mission

The prime objective of the Department of Agriculture is to promote all agricultural activities in the U.T of Pondicherry for the benefit of the farming community.

Improving land productivity, achieving crop diversification, building infrastructure, creating well-organized marketing network, increasing area under horticultural crops and making agriculture more profitable.

Providing one stop solution to the farmers for all their field problems through ‘Farmers’ Help Centre’s – “Uzhavar Udhaviyagam’s”, distribution of timely & quality agricultural inputs through PASIC Agro Depots, agricultural marketing intervention by establishing Market Committees in the rural areas and Uzhavar Sandhais in urban areas for marketing of horticultural products, encouraging cultivation of less water consuming crops especially horticultural crops, rationalizing the use of groundwater and preventing indiscriminate conversion of agricultural lands through Land Use Planning.


  1. To disseminate the agricultural technologies to the farming community.
  2. To ensure timely availability of all agricultural inputs.
  3. To undertake the enforcement of Fertilizer Control Order, Seed Act and Insecticide Act in order to ensure quality supply of fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds to the farmers.
  4. Monitoring of soil and water health through quality testing laboratories.
  5. Production of quality seeds through Seed Certification Agency.
  6. Undertaking soil reclamation and soil conservation.
  7. To regulate utilization of groundwater through Groundwater Authority.
  8. To provide marketing support for the sale of agricultural products.

Activities of this Department

  1. Educating the farmers on scientific Agriculture by conducting demonstrations in their holdings and conduct of training programmes.
  2. Arranging for the timely supply of inputs through the single window service system and Agro Service Industries Corporation and also enforcing quality control.
  3. Maintaining soil fertility by advocating the use of plant nutrients based on soil testing
  4. Ensuring the judicious utilization of ground water.
  5. Advocating need-based plant protection to save the crops from the ravages of pests and diseases at affordable cost and introduction of Integrated Pest Management techniques.
  6. Undertaking soil and water conservation programmes to arrest the soil and water losses.
  7. Providing marketing infrastructure to assure the farmers to get fair price for their produce by establishing Regulated Markets in all the regions.
  8. Development of horticulture by supplying quality planting materials at subsidized cost.
  9. To review the existing land use pattern and explore the possibilities of proper utilization of land according to its capability.
  10. Farm mechanization and distribution of improved tools and equipment.
  11. Bringing agricultural labourers and marginal farmers under group insurance cover.

List of Services

  1. Analysis of soil and water samples and advocate suitable recommendations to the farmers for maintaining the soil fertility.
  2. Supply of quality agricultural inputs and agricultural implements through PASIC.
  3. Encouraging the production of foundation and certified seeds.
  4. Imparting training to the farmers on various latest scientific technologies including conduction of trials, demonstrations and study tours.
  5. Hiring of farm machineries to the farmers on nominal hire charges.

Allied Institutions

Under the juridiscation of the Department of Agriculture, 10 nos. of autonomous / quasi government institutions / corporation / societies are functioning in the Union Territory of Puducherry viz. -

  • Pondicherry Agro Service and Industries Corporation (PASIC)
  • Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Krishi Vigyan Kendra (PKKVK)
  • Karaikal Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK)
  • Pandit Jawharlal Nehru College of Agriculture and Research Institute (PAJANCOA & RI)
  • Pondicherry Agricultural Workers Welfare Society (PAWWS)
  • Pondicherry Seed Certification Agency (PSCA)
  • State Hydrology Project-II Organization (UTOPHiA)
  • Pondicherry Market Committee (PMC)
  • Karaikal Market Committee (KMC)
  • Yanam Market Committee (YMC)

Details about posts

The Department of Agriculture is the third largest department in the Union Territory of Puducherry implementing 17 nos. of plan schemes to help the farming community whenever necessity. As a result, the department holds 37 nos. of Technical posts assisted by ministerial staff viz. 6 nos. of Additional Directors, 6 nos. of Joint Directors, 22 nos. of Deputy Directors, 2 nos. of Hydrogeologist and 113 nos. of Agricultural Officers to cover all Uzhavar Udhaviyagams, Regional Offices and various government undertaken institutions.